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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Nickname: Dajo
Nationality: Belgian
Birthday: 25/05
Zodiak: Gemini
Chiness Zodiak : Snake
Loves: Homestuck Hetalia

Hates: Jealousy War

Hobby's : Listen to music watching anime drawing (manga) cosplay

I cosplay for more then 2 years i wish i could start earlier! It's to awesome to do! ^^

Interests: Culture World Archaeology Mythology Greekology Egyptology
Anime Manga Cosplay

Fashion I love: Lolita Decora Gothic Cyber Gothic Emo Emo Scene Visual Kei

My Instagram:
My Cosplay Amino: Dajo

Fan:Johnny Depp Jackie Chan Helena Paparizou Tarkan Homestuck Hetalia

Current Residence: Belgium, Oost-Vlaanderen
Favourite genre of music: Jpop Jrock Kpop Rock Pop Dance Steampunk
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite Homestuck characters: Dave Gamzee Sollux Karkat Kurloz Mituna
Favourite Hetalia characters: China Japan Greece America Russia
Favourite 2ptalia characters: 2P!England 2P!America 2P!Russia 2P!China
Deviant since: Sep 17, 2008 on my first account :icontaatugirl: . On this account from Mar 13, 2011

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Hello! here i gonna write some rules and extra information how roleplay with
me on twitter with respect for my personal feelings so you can make sure i don't feel uncomfortable and i can enjoy roleplaying with you.


1: i don't roleplay 18+/21+!
2: i'm comfortable with sad,drama,mild horror.
3: don't send me art our photo's that can shock me. (i'm talking about 18+ and other kind of pictures that have those theme's. only kisses and hugs!)
4: Don't ask me to follow you. I decide if i follow you or not. (that i decide on the posts you make.)
5: Please don't bust into another roleplay i'm writing with another roleplayer.
6: If there something you think i won't be alright with please contact me through the personal message to ask me before you roleplay with me.
7: Please don't talk 18+ in a roleplay i don't like to roleplay 18+ so talking about that subject is in the same category.
8: I don't do DMdares so please don't send me messages for that.( i kind of hate them)
9: Don't control my actions in a roleplay. i will ignore it if you try if i can't i will follow it ones but not more then ones. I will tell you to stop or i ignore or stop the roleplay. 
10: Don't tag me in posts that is not in the line of the character i rp with. 
11: Please don't rp past or recent events (war,terrorist attacks,....). mostly i don't know a lot about that and most important i don't rp it out of respect for the people that lost there lives in those events. 

Extra information:

1: I will notify you in the roleplay our through pm if i feel uncomfortable with a scene of a roleplay.
2: If ignored or even don't have respect for it i will block you.
3: I don't follow people that do 18+/21+ on the timeline if i notice it/our bothered by that.
4: To go further with rule 3. If i see that you post art/pictures that are 18+/21+ i will not follow you to.
5: When i follow people i put off the retweet to keep my timeline clean.
6: There are ships i don't really like and i will mostly keep it friendzoned but that does not mean i won't roleplay a ship you like it only will not be a solid relationship.
7: i multiverse in roleplay (max: 3 relationships) that does mean the character you roleplay as don't know about the other relationships that the character i roleplay as has.
8: I'm sorry to say but i'm not a fan of straith pairings but i'm still open for a straith pairing roleplay but it will not be a solid relationship to. ( BoyxBoy pairings i'm more comfortable with)
9 The personal message button i only use to talk to people out of character.
10: Botaccounts i will not follow. If needed i will block them.
11: I don't mind if you write a word wrong or whatever. we are here to have fun in roleplay not to look at the grammar.
12: If a roleplay bothers me between two roleplayers that i follow bother me i will mute or unfollow one of them so i won't read and see the roleplay on my timeline anymore.
13: When i been followed by a Roleplayer or a account that has a disturbing theme for me i will block the and then unblock so the person unfollows me right away if needed i will keep on the blockbutton.(i'm sorry i don't need those people to follow me.) 
14: I don't follow people that have there tweets on private. 

Thank you for reading! Dajo

Extra: If you don't like the rules or you think or can't hold yourself to the rules it's better not to rp with me or just ask me before hand if i maybe be alright with this or that. :) 
you may always ask questions about this in a private message. 



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